Kewatiya School and Hostel Inundated by Flood

In the First 48 hours,  there were rising levels of flood waters in parts of Northern Bihar, especially the districts of Katihar, Araria, Supaul, Purnia and Kishanganj.  Caused by the release of water from the Nepal side of the Kosi River through breaches in embankments, this disaster is bound to be unpredictable.  Rains are expected in this part of the country for the next two to four weeks and with the embankment breached, it is uncertain how long this unexpected situation will last, or how many more people will be affected. 

In this unprecedented disaster during the last week of July 2016, flood waters devastated the NIEA School and Hostel campus at Kewatiya, Katihar district, Bihar.  

Children and staff were forced into an emergency evacuation when incessant rains from Nepal brought floods to Kewatiya, causing them flee to the NIEA Mission shelter, 30 miles away. Much of the hostel building was damaged, including classrooms, kitchen, office, and store rooms. Some estimates put the cost of repairs at up to 250,000 Rupees at the moment, but the cost could easily double if the rains continue for the next two days. According to the Water Resources Department, this is likely to be the case.

The extreme rainfall impacted Purnea, Kishangaj, Aria, Katihar, Madhepura, Supaul, Darbhanga, and Bhagalpur, displacing over 28,823 people, and killing at least nine. Crops in 50,000 hectares of land, 73 non-reinforced concrete cement houses and 531 hamlets have been damaged. The flood has hit 273 panchayats, including 132 fully and 141 partially.

Bihar Government Disaster Management Department Joint Secretary, Anirudh Kumar, said that reinforcements are being implemented to conduct emergency rescue and relief operations.

As for now, the students from the House of Champion are safe. But the Hostel desperately needs your prayers. Two staff members, Mr. Nitin and Mr. Niraj, along with his family and two students, are staying in the CDC building to look after the school, church, and hostel. Their situation is very dangerous, but they are doing their best to make sure everything stays safe.

 Please pray for the House of Champion. Pray that the Lord would cause the rain to stop, and the flood waters to recede. Pray that the hostel would withstand the intense damage, and that God would provide a means of paying for the repairs necessary. Pray for God's protection and help in this disaster situation, and that, as always, He would be glorified in his provisions for His children.


Bihar's flat terrain results in easy flood prone situation.  Still fresh in Bihar's memory is the disaster of 2008, where over 30 million were affected, as a dam on the Nepal-Bihar border broke down causing 15 to 20 high wall of water to flow through this poor state.  It is yet to be ascertained the extent of damage caused already and likely to take place this time.
Prasahant stands in front of his flood submerged home.  Like thousands of villagers in Pranpur, Bastoul, Hasanganj and Manihari blocks, this little child will be joining thousands of other children who will be out of school and devoid of safe drinking water and food for the next weeks..
As water levels rise, more and more diseases are likely to spread resulting in deaths and morbidity.  Bihar's average per capita income is around US$67 per person per year.  Unexpected occurances such as this cause weeks of impoverishment, want, difficulty and death.
Please pray that the poor and needy will be helped, that helpful strategies for immediate help developed and the resources for the same will be made available.  Several schools are affected and the situation is gloomy. 
Please pray that NIEA will serve with joy and hope to bring health, healing and blessing to the needy in this time of distress and need.


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