Dear All ,
As per our plan we have started feeding program in four new places from Monday - Friday .
We had good time today in all the places.

Soriya - 2018 meals 

Lakpura - 865 meals

Kawaspur - 582 meals

Dwashay - 594 meals

Total 4059 meals served today.

With regards,
Jomon Joseph

Please pray continuously for remaining days.

Our plans for the work is displayed in the link above with photographs, videos, and updates from the field as our work is in 15 different districts of Bihar.   Please click on this link for new information.

Our team of committed servant catalysts are gathering personnel, resources and relief materials to serve.  Our interventions will be in 5 specific areas now.

  1. Relief Packages for Families with supplies to last a week.
  2. Food Program with 4 Feeding centers ready to serve 500 meals each on a daily basis. At each we might have to go up to 700+ meals at each (2800 meals per day).
  3. Providing shelter to 1500 families with simple large sized tarpaulins that will protect them from the weather - rain and sunshine until they have a roof over their heads   
  4. WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene - packets of drinking water 20,000 bottles and soaps
  5. Medical Camps - 20 planned over the next 6 weeks to serve in needy areas.

Please pray for amazing courage, comforting grace and the Lord's anointing to walk in Luke 4:18-20 and Matt 25: 35-45.