Deborah Girls’ Home, Colachal, Tamil Nadu, was started after the devastating tsunami of December 26, 2004, to accommodate displaced girls  from tsunami affected families.  Many of these children have now left the home, and a few have completed their school final exams.  Now residing in the Deborah Home are fourteen (mostly destitute) children, who come from different nearby districts.  Of the fourteen girls, eleven come from non – Christian families.  Most of the girls know Jesus as their Savior and Lord.  They attend the nearby government school and do well in their studies and extra – curricular activities.  Deborah Girls’ Home children are known for their discipline in the school, and teachers have only words of praise about them.

Children love their home parents who take care of them well.  Clean surroundings, healthy habits, neat dresses, and wholesome food make their life pleasant at DGH.  The daily prayer sessions and spiritual classes help them to grow in the “grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.”  For these children, it is their home away from home!  Please pray for this partly sponsored mercy ministry for needy children.

      “Could you please admit my granddaughters in your orphan home sir?” asked the weary looking elderly gentleman. I had just taken the corner and was about to walk home for lunch that afternoon. I had seen the poorly clad man waiting in the reception area. His hair was unkempt and his feet dirty, obviously after walking a great distance to our office in town. His eyes were sad.
     As he pointed to the two sparsely nourished children by his side, I could see a tear drop down his cheek.“ You see both of these are my granddaughters. Their father and their mother both died of TB a few weeks ago. We have been left to take care of these children in our old age.”  Soren had had a life of sorrow. His only son had died. They obviously relied on him and today there was none to rely on. The little they had they borrowed from the village money lender. With high interest rates, they only became poorer and poorer. Now unable to work for himself, his only concern was for his two grand daughters.
     Barki and her elder sister Sanchita were admitted to the orphan home run by the mission. Within a few weeks, Sanchita was diagnosed to have Kala-azar, a blood disease affecting the liver and the bone marrow. In spite of our best efforts to save 11 year old Sanchita, she slipped away from our hands….
     Our first death in the mission and something we felt powerless to do anything about. After a few weeks, we heard of the passing away of both Barki’s grandparents. Here she was –all alone at age 4. Injustice to a young girl.
     “Where was Papa’s shoulder to lean on? Where was my Mama to play with? What about my sister?” For a few weeks after Sanchita’s death, Barki was quiet. Perhaps she was processing all of life’s cruel events. She had no one left – absolutely no one.
     Barki today lives in a safe and quiet environment which affords her the comfort and love of a home. Along with a hundred and twenty five others, she has found her new family. Nutrition, education, clothing, and medical care are all part of the care which she presently receives. She studies in an English medium school and is growing up in the fear and the knowledge of the Lord.

     Today she is a leader among her peers. As she leads singing and bible verses with her friends, a radiant smile emanates from her once sad face. “ I do not know about tomorrow; but I do know who holds my future."

     NIEA's commitment to orphaned and neglected children continues to grow. Our emphasis is on providing an opportunity to learn, live, and grow in any of the twenty-two Christian orphanages currently in operation. Today, over 1100 children are in residence in 22 orphanages, receiving Christian love and instruction, molding them into worthy citizens of their nation.

     For nearly all of the orphaned and neglected children in these Christian orphanages, this is their first opportunity to have three meals a day, to wear clean clothes, and to receive health care and education. Little wonder then, with the   dawn of hope in these tender hearts,  that the little tots find Jesus Christ as their best friend early in life.
     New India Evangelistic Association has been taking care of children since 1981. Boys' Haven in Kerala was the first home. God enlarged the territory and now there are 22 homes in six states including one in Tamil Nadu where girl children from Tsunami affected homes are given care.

1100 bundles of joy - our children!
What brings us the most satisfaction and joy is that our children develop Godliness as they grow at these homes. They learn to love one another, pray for each other, pray in unity for their parents' villages, their friends, and teachers.
     As the children are faithful in prayer, their prayer invites the Holy Spirit to come in His transcendent and sublime power to transform lives and situations.
     Our children are given participation in Sunday worship, fellowship, and other special events. They lead in singing, read from the Bible, and pray for people who need special prayers. Children pray and people are lead to repentance, salvation, healing, and deliverance. They share their faith and tell about Jesus to friends at school, to their parents, and to relatives. The progressive improvement we see in their academics is another blessing.
     As 3 John Vs.4 says,  "
We have no greater joy to hear that our children walk in truth."

Thank you, Dear Partners, for bringing the smile back to these young lives!

Your investment produces much fruit!!