5 Reasons we believe an emphasis on training across the Nation is key :

Lydia Womens Training Program is a year-long institute for women. Lay leaders and future missionaries are taught a curriculum similar to that of the New India Bible Institute. Women are invited from various churches in North India and Nepal to attend the residential program for 9 months. After that period they participate in evangelism internship for 2 months. When their training program is completed, the women may apply as interns to NIEA ministries or return to their home churches as lay leaders.

NIEA Training Centers equip one thousand lay people in evangelism and church planting each summer. Men and women with a call of God on their lives and a passion to reach their respective areas with this Gospel - are provided with life giving instruction over a two week period. These Summer Institutes of Mission Evangelism serve to also identify and further mentor younger disciples in an exciting ministry of Christian service.

The ministry is full of men and women today who have been touched by the power of the Gospel and whose lives have now been dedicated to expanding God's Kingdom through powerful ministry expressions. You can be part of this growing vision. Thank you for your ongoing prayers and participation.

The institutes are held every summer in different centers for lay leaders, training them to be effective Christian witnesses in their own localities. Faculty is drawn from New India Bible Seminary and other Bible training institutions. Since its inception, over four thousand men and women have received Christian evangelism training through this ministry facet conducted in several states of India.

Our principal Christian Theological School is New India Bible Seminary, Paippad, Kerala. It offers five programs up to the post-graduate level. With a student strength of 200 and with 35 faculty and staff, it is one of the better-accredited Christian theological institutions in South India. Students are drawn from over fifteen states in India and three neighboring countries. Founded in 1975, today over 4,000 NIBS alumni are making a difference all over the nation and in South Asia.

Our Christian students are encouraged to strive for excellence in understanding, living and sharing the Word of God. The training agenda is shared by New India Bible Institute, Wayanad, Kerala; New India Bible Institute, Marthandam, Tamil Nadu; New India Bible Centre, Trivandrum; New India Bible Institute, Chhattisgarh and Nav Bharat Bible Institute, Bihar. Through eight formal Christian theological schools, over 500 men and women annually receive regular biblical instruction with special emphasis on Mission and Evangelism.


 - a Herald of the Gospel

God’s love is exhibited and proved through numerous ways in Bihar. NIEA’s Nav Bharat Bible Institute and Community Health Workers’ Training are expressions of God’s love for this state. At NBBI, young men and women study the Word of God, get trained and go back to their villages to tell their family and the community that God loves all of them.

Community Health Workers’ Training Program trains natives to serve the community with general health and primary medical assistance, etc. Thus God’s love is proclaimed in the villages through the Bible school graduates. His love is radiated through the different community health services. The graduates pray and care for the needy and the sick and God touches lives. Miracles happen, and many turn to the only living God.

Each graduate holds great potential and promise for the furtherance of the Gospel.


“Transformed Lives and Communities”

Since and during the past two to three decades Scripture translation ministry has been serving the needs of dozens of language communities across India. However in the last 7 years, through the Last Command Initiative which is a broad partnership of organizations involved in church planting, Scripture promotion, language development and Bible translation additional partners have come together to initiate Bible Translation projects in various parts of the nation.

Currently work is being carried out in about 95 languages. NIEA is a one among the eight founding agencies of the LCI collaborative partnership with about twenty plus Bible translation projects in the Hindi Belt and Central Zone of India.

Recognizing the need for a holistic focus for seeing impact from the Scriptures, the LCI has divided their major activities into the following areas: Proclamation (Scripture focused activities: Bible translation, Bible story projects, Scripture recordings) and Demonstration (Scripture Use and Engagement activities: Literacy, Community and Leadership training, Discipleship and Social Development).

1. Religions in India have a very strong philosophical and traditional background. As a result, those aspiring to go on the mission field need to have a grasp of these world views, develop skills to analyze any given situation and develop appropriate methods to approach a given context.

2. Most enthusiastic and committed  grass root workers are young and inexperienced in their biblical knowledge. They need in-depth knowledge of Scripture, proper interpretation of the same and ability to introduce the message to varied groups of people. Almost all workers need to improve and develop communication skills.

3. The multiplicity of cultural groups in India calls for a recognition of the need that each be approached appropriately and with proper understanding of their culture and cultural differences.

4. Target audiences have varying levels of education, and Christian workers likewise need to have access to continuously improve their own study/credentials and communication skills.

5.A prospective mission worker (L1 to L5) should have the ability to understand people and their needs. They need to develop a meaningful strategy for interaction with them in any given situation.


Purpose of the LDRC

  • We desire to leave behind a legacy of effective leaders in Asia. We seek to impact societies through the witness of Christian communities led by God-centered leaders throughout India and beyond.

  • We seek to grow and nurture leaders to be more God-centered persons by transforming their perspectives, developing healthy partnerships and empowering them for quality performance in both the church and the marketplace.

  • To provide language based training to serve the needs of Bibleless groups within India and South Asia.

  • We will attempt to be relevant to our context and deal with leadership issues in the Asian context and to enhance and supplement the individual‘s own leadership journey.

  • Through varied methodology we will focus on learning by using different training modalities to maximize the learning experience.

The 19th of June 2014 set another landmark in the history of New India Bible Seminary when the new Leader Development and Research Center (LDRC) at Paipad, Kerala was opened for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom. A section of this beautiful facility will function as the library of the seminary. The ultimate goal is that the Leader Development and Research Centre will function as the power center for advancing the service of NIBS to develop God-centered leaders in Asia.

LDRC provides learning resources for advanced theoretical and practical research in missions, organizes ministry skill-development training in cross cultural missions, and offers strategic language-based services. Over 2000 learners from across the states of India and neighboring countries in South Asia are expected to benefit annually from this beautiful learning base.

The LDRC,  a 10,400 sq. ft.  two-story  building constructed on the 5-acre campus of New India Bible Seminary, is not just a mere library, but it is also a Center for Research, Progressive Theological Engagement, and Healthy Leadership Development.  Established in 1975, New India Bible Seminary (NIBS) has been serving the Church in India and the South Asian countries  through its approximately 6,000 graduates who  have come out of its portals so far. They work as missionaries, evangelists, pastors, Bible school teachers, children’s home wardens, and so on.

NIBS offers a diploma in Bachelor of Theology, Master of Divinity, and Master of Theology with courses offered to about two hundred men and women every year.  Students come from more than twenty states of India and a score from other South Asian countries.  Its priority is to prepare the young men and women for life. The Management and Administration recognize the importance of imparting life skills to them and giving special attention in helping them become life-long learners. Plans are in place to provide opportunities for deserving students to do research to improve the quality of theological education and help them earn their doctorate degrees. Dr. Jaison Thomas, NIBS’s present principal, and his wife Dr. Jessy Jaison, Director for Research and Advancement, both received their Masters from Oxford University Theological School and Ph.D’s from Queen’s University, Belfast.

NIBS is known for its academic excellence, and all its academic programs are designed to ensure that the students become effective thinkers, good communicators, and passionate followers of Jesus Christ. The Seminary believes that competent theological education is comprised of academic formation, spiritual formation, and ministry formation. The curriculum, campus life, and ministry opportunities of the Seminary are designed with all these in mind.

Principal Dr. Jaison Thomas called the ground breaking ceremony, “yet another milestone in the history of NIBS.”  In recent years NIBS has moved towards embracing a missional model of theological education.  This journey has resulted in new courses such as the Master in Holistic Child Development (HCD) M.Th program, the Oral Bible Storying (OBS)program to develop Storying Facilitators for Bible graduates willing to serve among Bibleless languages and more recently a vigorous focus on healthy leader development  - after the Connexions Model of Malcolm Webber’s Leadersource ministry.