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Sponsorship of girls:
We are seeking  individuals, families or churches that would sponsor the girls who live in a home in Purnia. $35.00 per month will provide food, clothing and an education for these girls. 
Each sponsor will be given a CHILD SPONSORSHIP FORM with their girl’s name, age, birthday, family situation and aspirations. NIEA USA Board members visited the girls earlier this year and they were excited about the possibility of having a sponsor. It is our hope to provide you with letters, art work, or some kind of correspondence with your sponsored girl at least semi- annually.
If you want more information about helping a girl be pulled out of abject poverty, please email us at:

 call 304-485-3539

Or Click the "Contact NEIA" link

Dear Beautiful,

I am so excited to be able to write you and learn more about you and  what your life is like in India. I am also glad that I can send support to help you with your daily needs.

I can't wait to tell you about our family and some of the fun things we do.

I look forward to receiving letters from you too!

In God's grace,

Your New Friend