As Days Go By ……..

Oscar Home, a residential facility run by NIEA for 25 children is a reality now.

Located in a small village in the state of Tamil Nadu, the beautiful facility is situated on a 1.25 acre campus. Built in 2012, Oscar Home’s primary purpose has been to help children from marginalized families in the state. The Home has given a face- lift to the village where it is situated.

First used for almost one year as a Day Centre for 50 children, we have been given permission from our Government to run it as a residential home for 25 children.

When we built this facility, we were focused on and successful in meeting all official requirements and the Government accepted our application. In 2015-16 we admitted 10 children (in addition to 15 boys from local poor families previously housed over the past 5 years) and Oscar Home functioned well. The officials who visited the Home for inspection were satisfied with the infrastructure and facilities and recommended our application for registration with the Social Welfare Department of the Government.

The once remote village is now being transformed into a hub of jubilant children from marginal families who get a chance for a quality life. With excellent facilities, we provide clean and hygienic surroundings, nutritional food, and education in the nearby private schools with transportation provided to and from school.

The home parents lovingly instruct the children to grow in discipline. Regular medical care is given to keep them healthy. Games are organized every evening after school hours. Additional coaching is given in their school lessons. To solve water problems, we have dug two bore wells that provide plenty of fresh water. Still we have a long way to go- more facilities are needed. God will see that this Home is a blessing for the poor children in the State.