New India Evangelistic Association was started with a vision to see a new India leading as many as possible to Christ by demonstrating the love of Christ, especially to the neediest in society. NIEA strives to take the love of Christ to the most deprived, particularly the children in the society. For that purpose this organization has started a child care department. Through the child care department it is trying to spread the fragrance of the love of Christ to as many of the needy children of this culture as possible and facilitate their growth and development.
Queen Esther is one of the children homes which started in  2005 with 125 children. Its purpose is giving quality care and love to the neglected orphans , and showing them the right way to grow. In this home, the aim is to develop the children in four dimensions: physical, spiritual, educational and social. This home admits orphan children, semi-orphan children and the neediest children in the community. The leaders  give them well- disciplined training at Queen Esther.



As mentioned above, this home facilitates growth in the children in physical development, Spiritual development, educational development and Social development. These are as follows:

  Physical Development:
 The children who are enrolled at Queen Esther are getting healthy and nutritious food. They come from poor families. Their parents are not able to feed the children well even one time per day. At the facility they are given healthy food. They also get the benefits of medical services. They receive medical checkups twice a month and receive clothes and other utility items as well. The children also have designated time for physical training.

  Educational Development:
All the children go to the school regularly. Some of them study in English Medium and others in Hindi Medium. Transportation to and from school is provided. All the children also receive school supplies every month. Progress is assessed for each attending child monthly, semi-annually, and annually.  All of the children are excelling in their studies, because of the coaching they get from the home. At Queen Esther there is a disciplined training schedule for the children. It is followed very strictly.

 Spiritual Development:
The home always tries to lead the children in such a way that is ordered by God. The majority of the children come from Hindu families. Because of the training they receive at Queen Esther, they are becoming aware of Jesus Christ and His salvation also. The daily schedule includes a devotion time at 6AM and 6PM. All the children are required to attend the devotion time. In their daily devotion, the dorm parents and selected children for the day teach the Bible verses and stories.  The daily devotion plays a vital role in their character and spiritual development. Also prayer cells are established in the home. Children are divided into groups for their prayer cells. All the children participate in the Church activities, especially in the church choir. Also some Bible study classes are taught in the home such as David C Cook. The changes in the lives of the children are making big changes in their families also. Because of the children, the family members are also becoming aware of who Jesus Christ is and some are accepting Him as their Savior.

 Social Development:
Through a child a society can be changed. Because of the training, knowledge, and practices they are getting at Queen Esther, the children are able to go and change the whole environment of the society they belong to. The home provides a good infrastructure and healthy environment for them. It also focuses on special counseling for the girls and special care for the Adolescents. They also receive local training programs for how to face an emergency situation and how to solve problems that arise in daily life.

Potential of the Children
All the children are highly talented. The potential that the children have is just amazing. Some of them can sing and lead the worship in church meetings. The leadership at the home is helping them to develop gifts that they can use to benefit the home.  Some of them draw and paint well.  Their ability to convey the message to the people through pictures is wonderful. Some other children have leadership skills. The home focuses on them especially so that it can help to build a new generation of good and faithful leaders
 The main impact of the program is transforming the lives of many children.  Furthermore, through them, many of their families also accept Jesus as their Savior. This ministry has a role in their transformation from darkness to the light.