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             Dear friend,

A few weeks ago, four businessmen from the Purnia community waited about an hour at NIEA’s new CMC Hospital to meet me and to hand me an envelope.  As I opened the envelope, I found a special invitation  from a religious community.  I hesitated and was about to decline when the senior-most among them lovingly said, “Doctor Sir, please do come!”

 A week later, a few colleagues and myself were in a new part of town which we later found out  was the home of the businessmen’s 700 year old temple.  Our group was treated to a sumptuous meal of two dozen specially prepared dishes of all colors.  It was a special experience for each of us and the two German nurses who were with us, Liana and Steffi.

 Serving as a professional doctor in the Bihar community has opened several doors among the well-to-do, the educated and the well-informed.  We left humbled to note that of the 125 Jain families gathered in the compound that afternoon for lunch and celebration, we were the only non-Jain invitees.  Serving with dedication and commitment had not only provided us an opportunity to be invited but also an opportunity for us to reach out that Sunday afternoon.  Over 50 of the families that gathered were frequent visitors at CMCH.  We felt we were among friends.

It was St Francis of Assisi who once said,
“Preach the Gospel always; if necessary use words.”

The ministry of healing and service to the sick, suffering and those in pain is one which is special.  As the hospital launches into her 2nd year of service to the community in Purnia (population 2 million), please pray with us.  The appreciation, acceptance and warmth extended to the NIEA team as we continually serve the people has been heart-warming.  Yesterday, a taxi-driver commented, “Doctor, your combination of dawai (“medicine” in Hindi) and duah (“prayer” in Hindi) has great effect.  Each has its place and people are getting better!”

Our team is humbled.  The word is getting around that service is provided with commitment, compassion and dignity irrespective of economic status or religion.

The opportunities to care are all around us at NIEA.  An orphan child in a Children’s Home can be cared for with $40 a month.  A rural village child can attend school and have a daily hot-meal for $25 a month.  Committed evangelists serving in front line situations can be encouraged with a gift of $50 every month.  All these change lives…build lives…and bring transformation!

Thank you for standing with us in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!   God Bless!

                                                                                                           Alexander Philip,

                                                                                                           Executive Director, NIEA