ConneXions Model

The ConneXions model is a unique approach to Christian leader development. In the one-week workshop held by Leader Source, seven teachers from the Bihar Bible School learned effective ways of incorporating this model into the formal theological education program. 

Often referred to as the 5C-4D model, the focus is for each leader to   1.) know God (Christ) 2.) serve with joy in a group where accountability is demonstrated (Community) 3.) have integrity and personal behavioral traits in line with Scripture (Character) 4.) know the purpose of God and present it with credibility, clarity and passion (Calling)        5.)have the necessary gifts, skills and knowledge to lead the people in the accomplishment of this purpose (Competency).

All NIEA schools presently have adopted this model to under-gird and bring greater strength to theological course offerings in both formal and informal settings.  The four dynamics of transformation created and used by Christ are a spiritual environment, a relational web, an experiential context and an instructional content. After internalizing all this, the group of teachers were led into a special time of reflection and design of the NBBI curriculum.This week highlighted carefully the thinking patterns of theological training and revised current practices of the education syllabi of the Bible School. As a result of this training, the NBBI faculty decided to follow this new model training with greater commitment and devotion

Christmas Celebration 2014

                The Christmas celebration conducted at NIEA campus Olitola on December 20, 2014, was an occasion filled with joy. The event brought together over fifteen hundred staff, families, associates and friends of

Nav Bharat Mission (NIEA Bihar). 

Children representing all fifteen children’s homes and  thirteen schools contributed to an exciting program focusing on God’s love through Jesus Christ.  The crowd was engrossed completely in the ambiance of prayer as beautiful quotes in locale Maithili and Angika languages were recited. The songs of joy and praise sung by angelic kids carried the audience away to ancient Bethlehem settings where the Lord Jesus was born 2000 years ago.  Words underlining the aim and mission of Christ’s arrival on earth echoed by Dr. Mary Verghese inspired the gathering that included people from a multi-religious background.  Eye catching choreographies and melodious songs by the children captivated the people’s attention. Finally, people were flowing toward the platform at the arrival of Santa Clause who brought along with him a sack of sweets and other gifts especially for the kids! 

Listen to Shining Light!  Children from NIEA homes have made their second  CD “Shining Light” that expresses their joy of life through song. Click the link below:

First Anniversary of CMC&H

Christian Medical Centre & Hospital, Belouri, celebrated its first anniversary of service to the community on November 30, 2014.  About 200 people from the locality and associates of the hospital gathered on this august occasion. 

CMCH was launched over a year ago with the aim of assisting the poor and under-served with needed medical services.  Community leader Prof Dr. Ram Yadav said “this medical service is a boon to our community, and we are especially grateful for the commitment demonstrated by the staff here.” The representative from NIEA Board, government departments, other institutions, community, patients, projects and village heads all graced the program with their presence.

The occasion began with a thanksgiving song, Scripture reading and invoking of blessings through prayer. Those who gathered were graciously welcomed and individually recognized.  A team of four doctors now serve at the hospital and are assisted by a team of health care professionals taking care of Pharmacy, Emergency, Nursing, Physiotherapy, X-ray, Laboratory and In-patient services.  As the New Year unfolds, please pray that the effectiveness of the service to the community will be enhanced and thousands more will be able to avail services and quality health care. 

In less than a year over 7000 patients and hundreds of families have received care and solace through the center.  Needy persons from as far as Nepal and West Bengal are now a common site at the hospital along with those within the periphery of about two to three hours. 

Please pray for the expansion of the hospital to accommodate additional beds, the development of the nursing training program and growth of the medical team to meet the daily medical needs.

The 40th Graduation Service


It is a land the Lord your God cares for; the eyes of the Lord your God are continually on it from the beginning of the year to it's end. (Dt. 11:12 NIV)

 Ready to serve: 54 men and women received their degrees and diplomas at the 40th Graduation ceremony of New India Bible Seminary (NIBS) on Thursday, February 12, 2015. Witnessed by a large crowd of parents, friends, church members and well-wishers, Dr. Alexander Philip, the Executive Director of New India Evangelistic Association (NIEA), presented the degrees to students who successfully completed their training programs. In his keynote address, the guest of honor, Dr. Ian Payne (Principal, SAIACS, Bangalore) invited the graduates to grow “spiritually deeper and collaboratively wider” in his inspiring speech on “ The River of God. “ (Ezek. 47:1-7; Jn. 7:37)

One of the highlights of the 40th graduation ceremony was the presentation of the 57 language representations at NIBS in the 2014-15 academic year.  Among the distinguished guests were Dr. Saphir Athyal, Dr. Matt T (SIL), Dr. Mathew Finny (NIEA Board Chairman), NIEA Board members, Mrs. Swapna Alexander (Wycliffe India), and Mrs. Annie Samuel (Olive Theological Institute). Students received special awards from Prof. K M John (NIEA South India Coordinator) for outstanding performances and contributions on campus.

The seminary annual “The Disciple” and the academic journal “The Journal of Theological Education and Mission” (JOTEAM) were released. Dr. Jaison Thomas, the Principal of NIBS, presided over the ceremony.

The service kindled a new light and a renewed passion for missions in India and the neighboring South Asian nations as the 54 graduates bowed down for the prayer of dedication. NIBS serves as the pivotal theological training institute of  NIEA.  It serves hundreds of students and pastors every year through formal and informal education.  At the helm of the seminary, Dr. Jaison and his wife Dr. Jessy Jaison have established a meaningful model which is bringing a significant shift in theological educational paradigms.

The quest of NIBS is to see that each student – every year – from every location – is transformed through a meaningful encounter with Christ, the source of all Truth.  Nurturing spiritual development, high academic standards and providing opportunities for future ministry preparation distinguishes NIBS as a key learning center.  NIBS continues to be committed to serving the Church in South Asia and India by training and empowering committed learners and sending them back to their mother organizations to serve and transform the nations!

 “Go ye and make disciples of all nations…..”(Matt 28:19,20)

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I am Indu Kumari, born and brought up in a non-Christian family in Bihar. Like I was taught, I hated Jesus and all Christians and I did all kinds of religious practices of my family who did not know Jesus Christ.   

Unexpected, I was invited to a Christian Pentecostal church in the year 2008 by a friend. So it happened that I attended the Sunday service just to get my own opinion of what these people are doing. The pastor of the church shared the word of God from Jeremiah 1: 4-5 "Before I formed you in the womb I know you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations". It touched my heart and I felt something good for my soul, so I started to go to church continuously. Slowly I understood the truth of the word of God and I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior. And through taking baptism I publically declared my commitment to my Lord Jesus Christ.

While I was enjoying the love of my Lord Jesus Christ in my life, my family and my relatives stood against me. They compelled me to go back to the old faith. But God has helped me to stand firm in my faith in Jesus Christ.  During those days I got sick in  both legs and suffered a lot. My parents took me to different hospitals for my treatment, but it was not cured. My relatives and neighbors came up to indict me: “it’s our God’s punishment because she accepted  another God”.

Now I praise God because it was God’s plan in my life. Full of agony, I started to pray along with my church members. One time, while many were praying for me, I fell into a deep sleep, though I was unable to sleep for many days due to the severe pains. I saw a dream: Someone wearing white cloths came down from the sky, touched my legs softly and went back. When I got up in the morning I recognized that my legs were completely healed. Full of joy I told this wonderful miracle to my parents and they started to believe Jesus Christ.

Again, in a dream, God let me know that I should study His Word. So He opened the way for me to study His word in Bible College of NIEA in Purnia. Now, I am doing my Bachelor course in Bible Study and it’s my desire and prayer to be used by God as for what purpose he has called me.  Thank you,  Indu Kumari


Bihar – home to 100 million of whom 90% live in hamlets, such as Jirwa in Araria District. Jirwa is one of Bihar’s 39,000 villages.  Over 200 families reside in Jirwa.  NIEA’s services are aimed to providing succor and hope for children in villages such as this, who would otherwise NOT have a place to be educated and the possibility of meaningful holistic development.   

The situation in Jirwa is that the children go to the fields and play or roam the village doing nothing. Most of the adults are either farm laborers or petty peasants. Poverty is high (<$50 per person/yr), and children are sent to work in the fields for meager wages. Child labor and child marriages are  common in the area.  Dozens of children in every hamlet are orphans or semi-orphans as the average life expectancy is less than 55 for both men and women as per the 2005 World Bank Report on Bihar.

Manita Kumari, now a  student of Jhirwa VDP, thanks God for molding her life in a way she never imagined. Her parents are very poor and work as farm-hands, earning their daily bread. She and her siblings did not go to school.  When NIEA started a school in the village two years ago, Manita’s father was asked to send her there with other children.   

Now Manita says with a glowing eye and wide smile, “I am lucky to join the school. I am nine years old and studying in UKG class - learning to read and write, sing songs, play games, and everything.  We are getting noon meals at school. I am active in all school activities.  Now my younger brother also comes to school with me. I take bath every day and help my mother to keep our house clean. We are taught about the ways of God. We sing many songs and pray to God to make us good children. We attend the Sunday school classes and I am happy to study there. My mother also comes to Sunday school. She is also happy to know more about the message of the Cross.”


Mark Z., from Germany, started working in his home country soon after his education. He wished to utilize his earnings for a good cause.  The knowledge about his parents sponsoring kids in India produced in him a desire to also support the children in India.  Malnutrition, infant mortality, poor sanitation, disparities and inequalities in education, and the lack of sound living environments is the picture of Indian children seen by Mark. After learning of NIEA’s ministry, Mark moved forward to sponsoring children to bring hope and joy to the underprivileged and poor.

Taking up the sponsorship of Bikash, a student of NIEA’s Jirwa school project, Mark began his investment to needy children. He came  to India to see his sponsored child.   “Use me Lord, to serve you,”  he prayed at the onset of his three week stay in India. He willingly and joyously served with the ministry of NIEA.  He spent time with the children, teaching them carpentry works and volunteering in other projects.  Joseph’s Inn, a Vocational Training Program, was commenced when Mark was in Bihar – a vision to provide workshop training in carpentry and other common trades for children in community colleges. Mark is now excited and content in spending his earnings for helping children obtain meaning and purpose in life.